#452 Drapion

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Drapion, the Ogre Scorp Pokémon. Its claws give off a deadly poison and they are powerful enough to turn an automobile into scrap iron.
– Ash’s Pokedex

Drapion is pretty awesome. It’s based on a bug (a scorpion), but is not Bug type (though it evolved from a Bug type). It kinda looks like it has pigtails, due to the claw arm things coming from the side of its head.

Its typing of Poison/Dark makes it only weak to Ground, and immune to Psychic.

I raised a Drapion in my White game. Her name is Dracula, she’s Adamant with Sniper, so I gave her increased crit hit moves Cross Poison and Night Slash, as well as Earthquake and X-Scissor (which may be replaced by Swords Dance). She makes a pretty good physical sweeper.

Stat-wise, its Defense is actually its highest stat. Combined with its only weakness, it’s actually pretty bulky. Drapion can be made into a defensive Pokemon, if it has Battle Armor, which prevents crit hits). It’s also got good Attack and Speed.

2 thoughts on “#452 Drapion

  1. Aw Drapion is one of my fav 4th gen pokemon since i started playing competitively. Do you think you could do a Scizor paper sometime ? :3

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