#54 Psyduck

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Psyduck, the Duck Pokémon. When a Psyduck’s headache gets severe, it starts to exhibit odd powers.
– Dawn’s Pokedex

I always think that Psyduck is Water/Psychic, because it’s named “Psy”duck after all, but it’s pure Water type. Its Pokedex entries say that it always suffers from a headache, which is probably why it’s always holding its head in the sprites. Confusion is one of the attacks that Psyducks are known for, but I think it’s the one that looks confused all the time (ie it looks like Confusion was used on it instead).

Misty has a Psyduck in the anime. She caught it accidentally, and it likes to get out of its Pokeball when she hasn’t called it out. Misty’s a big fan of Golduck, but her Psyduck never evolved. Despite being a duck and a Water type, Misty’s Psyduck can’t swim. Despite being useless most of the time, when it gets a severe headache (like when something bites its head), it can unleash some pretty powerful Psychic attacks.

Psyduck’s stats are pretty even. It has slightly higher Sp Attack than its other stats. It can get the ability Swift Swim from the Dreamworld, which is pretty ironic considering Misty’s Psyduck can’t swim.

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