#28 Sandslash

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Sandslash, the Mouse Pokémon. The evolved form of Sandshrew. It attacks opponents with the quills on its back.
– Ash’s Pokedex

I’m not sure why Sandslash is the “Mouse” Pokemon. It doesn’t look like a mouse, or any kind of rodent really. It reminds me more of a hedgehog. Sandslash’s name sounds like an attack, a Ground type variation of Slash, haha.

Sandslash can learn many HMs, so I used it as my HM slave through a few games (HeartGold, SoulSilver, Platinum). It had Cut, Strength, Rock Smash, and Rock Climb. Other HMs like Fly, Surf, and Waterfall are useful moves, so I had them as part of my fighting team.

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