#422 Shellos

East Sea

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West Sea

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Shellos, the Sea Slug Pokémon. Shellos’s shape and color varies depending on where it lives. Two different varieties have been confirmed in the Sinnoh region.
– Dawn’s Pokedex

Shellos has form differences, but not depending on its gender, rather where it comes from. When I played Platinum, I thought they were different Pokemon. I’m not sure which one I like better, but due to its colouring of pink and blue, I often think the females are pink and males are blue.

Because Gastrodon is Water/Ground, I keep on thinking that Shellos is Water/Ground as well, but it’s pure Water.

Stat-wise, HP is its highest stat. It’s got decent Sp Attack and Sp Defense. It’s the first Pokemon with the ability Storm Drain; and Storm Drain has become more useful in Gen V, because now it not only draws all Water attacks to Shellos, it also grants Shellos immunity to Water type attacks, as well as raise Sp Attack by one stage. Because of this, I thought of using Gastrodon for my Rain Dance water team.

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