#243 Raikou

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Raikou, the Thunder Pokémon. It is said to have descended to earth on a bolt of lightning.
– Jimmy’s Pokedex

Raikou is the only pure Electric legendary. It represents the lightning that started the fire in the burnt tower. Despite the trio often being referred to as the “dogs”, Raikou reminds me more of a big cat, like a saber-tooth tiger.

In the anime, while Entei starred in its own movie (the 3rd one) and Suicune had a big part in the 4th movie, Raikou never really had a big part in a movie. Instead, it appeared in the TV-movie The Legend of Thunder, which became the first 3 episodes of Pokemon Chronicles spinoff series in the US.

Stat-wise, being a legendary, it has high base stat total. It has high Speed and Sp Attack, with pretty good Sp Defense as well. It can get the ability Volt Absorb from the Dreamworld, which would be pretty cool. Although I suspect it’ll have to be from an event or something.

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