#545 Scolipede

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Scolipede, the Megapede Pokémon. Scolipede catches its opponents with great speed and attacks using horns on its head. Scolipede is highly aggressive and will not give up until victorious.
– Ash’s Pokedex

I first saw Scolipede in the Japanese anime for Black/White, back before the game was released here. My first reaction to it was “omg that’s a huge ugly bug!”. Its Japanese name is “Pendora”, which sounds rather funny. But yeah, it’s gigantic, over 8 feet tall (2.5m), I wouldn’t want to encounter this thing. I’m not very fond of its colour scheme either, the purple and red don’t really look nice together.

Stat-wise, for some reason, it’s fast, despite its size, probably due to it having many legs I guess? It’s got decent Attack and Defense as well, but at 475 total base stat, it’s not that great competitive-wise.

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