#10 Caterpie

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Its short feet are tipped with suction pads that enable it to tirelessly climb slopes and walls.
– Pokemon Blue Pokedex

Caterpie is the first non-starter Pokemon. I don’t like caterpillars, so I don’t really like Caterpie either >__< (I'm like anime Misty)

In the anime, Ash caught a Caterpie, one of the first Pokemon he caught. It later evolved into a Butterfree.

Stat-wise, it's base stats are pretty low. Up until Gen IV, it could only learn two moves, Tackle and String Shot; Gen IV added Bug Bite to its level-up moveset, which actually gave it an attacking Bug move. Caterpie can't learn any TMs, HMs, or moves by breeding. For some reason, it could learn Snore from Gen IV tutor, even though it can't learn Rest.

2 thoughts on “#10 Caterpie

  1. Love this web site! Thanks for making an awesome wallpaper for my computer with my favorite pokemon! You’d definitely make a killing if you could make and sell shirts. Will you please make a Mewtwo pokewall next?

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