#335 Zangoose

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Zangoose, the Cat Ferret Pokémon. Zangoose usually walks on all fours, but stands on its hind legs when angry. It’s very quick and can easily dodge most enemy attacks.
– Ash’s Pokedex

Zangoose always looks angry, or maybe badass, haha. It’s most notable and famous for being rivals with Seviper, probably alluding to the fact that mongoose (which Zangoose is based on) hunts and kills venomous snakes. Because of this, Zangoose’s ability is Immunity, which makes it immune to poison. Its Dream World ability is Toxic Boost, which only Zangoose can have, raises attack by 50% when poisoned, which makes Zangoose an interesting Pokemon to use competitively (since it already has high attack).

In the anime, some wild Zangoose have appeared, and fought viciously with Jessie’s Seviper.

Despite being eternal rivals with Seviper, Zangoose can breed with Seviper. It reminds me of this comic.

Stat-wise, aside from its really high Attack, it’s decently speedy as well.

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