#38 Ninetales

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Ninetales, the Fox Pokémon. Ninetales is the evolved form of Vulpix. Each of its tails contains a different mystical power.
– Ash’s Pokedex

Ninetales is a rather elegant and feminine-looking Pokemon (they are 75% female). It’s the counterpart of Arcanine, being exclusive to Blue, Silver, and LeafGreen. Its Pokedex entries say things like how it has mystic powers, so I wonder why it’s pure Fire type and not Fire/Psychic (although that’s not a great type combination, too many weaknesses).

Ninetales was a bit challenging to make as a wallpaper, because it’s so one-coloured, so I had to use a lot of lines.

I’ve always liked Ninetales, but since I already have Charizard or Typhlosion on my team filling the fire Pokemon slot, I’ve never had one playing through the game. I did raise a Ninetales in SoulSilver for the Battle Tower though (her name is “Firefox”). I like how it can learn Energy Ball, which counters all of Fire’s weaknesses. It also learns Nasty Plot, which can raise its already good Sp Attack, though mine had Will-o-Wisp instead.

Ninetales is made even better in Gen V, because it gets Drought in the Dream World. Drought brings up permanent sun (until it’s replaced by other weather), and it used to be exclusive to Groudon. I want to raise a Drought Ninetales, which makes it able to use Solar Beam instead of Energy Ball. In order to get one from the Dream World though, you need 10000 dream points (which are earned by playing mini-games, watering berries etc, ie a lot of grinding). I’ve grinded the Dream World a lot to get those points. So far I’ve only found one Vulpix though, and despite it being 75% female, the one I found was male, which meant I couldn’t breed it (for moves and nature).

Stat-wise, Ninetales has good Speed and Sp Defense, and decent Sp Attack. Because it evolves from a Fire Stone, it doesn’t learn any moves by level-up, though Vulpix can learn many moves.

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