#595 Joltik

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Joltik, the Attaching Pokémon. Joltik cling to larger Pokémon, and absorb static electricity, storing the energy in a special pouch.
– Ash’s Pokedex

Joltik is the smallest Pokemon as of Gen V. It’s only 0.1m, or 0.04″ tall, being based on a tick or a mite (although it looks like a spider to me..). Its type of Bug/Electric is unique to its family, and it’s not too bad of a typing, since it’s not weak to Ground anymore; it’s only weak to Rock and Fire.

I find it funny that Joltik can have the ability Unnerve, which makes the opponent unable to eat berries (the ability itself is laugh-inducing). So I made a comic about it, which you can see here

Stat-wise, Joltik is pretty even, though it has slightly more Speed and Sp Attack than its other stats.

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