#291 Ninjask

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Ninjask, the Ninja Pokémon. Ninjask is said to be so fast it’s able to evade any attack.
– May’s Pokedex

While making this wallpaper, I’ve stared at Ninjask’s face for so long, that I noticed it has a pretty goofy grin (the black line on the gray face part, plus the eyes), and now I cannot unsee it XD

Anyway, Ninjask’s claim to fame is its Speed. It’s the 2nd fastest Pokemon, after Speed Form Deoxys, with 160 base Speed. As if that wasn’t fast enough, its ability is Speed Boost, which raises its Speed by one stage after every turn, which means it can outspeed pretty much anything. Though it’s typing of Bug/Flying is not all that great, having 5 weaknesses, including a double weakness to Rock. Even though it’s part Flying, it doesn’t learn any Flying moves by level-up.

Its Pokedex entries say it moves so fast that it’s hard to see, and becomes invisible, probably due to it being the Ninja Pokemon. Despite May’s Pokedex entry in the anime, Ninjask doesn’t have increase evasion (although it does learn Double Team by level-up), and it can be hit by most attacks.

Aside from Speed, its Attack is decent, but everything else is pretty bad, like its Defenses.

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