#462 Magnezone

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Magnezone, the Magnet Area Pokémon. It evolves from Magneton in certain magnetic areas, and emits energy from each of its three magnets.
– Ash’s Pokedex

Magnezone is one of the Pokemon using new evolution techniques, evolving by being in a particular spot when leveled up; Mt Coronet in DPPt, and Chargestone cave in Black/White. If Magneton looks like 3 Magnemites stuck together, perhaps Magnezone should look like 3 Magnetons stuck together? But instead it looks quite a bit different from its pre-evolutions (and it’s more blue than gray), looking like a UFO.

Magnezone’s family’s unique typing gives it 12 resistences and one immunity, though it has 3 weaknesses including a double weakness to Ground. It looks like it should have Levitate as an ability (being based on a flying saucer and all, and its sprite looks floaty too), though it can learn Magnet Rise that gives it immunity to Ground moves for a few turns. In Gen V, the introduction of the Air Balloon as a held item can be useful as well; Air Balloon gives immunity to Ground moves until the Pokemon holding it gets attacked, then the Air Balloon pops.

One of Magnezone’s ability is Sturdy, and the way Sturdy works in Gen V is changed so it works as if the Pokemon was holding a Focus Sash, meaning without multi-hit moves or HP-draining status, Magnezone requires at least 2 hits to take it out, making it an even better defensive wall.

Stat-wise, it has very high Sp Attack, and good Defenses (characteristic of Steel type). Its pre-evolution Magneton has higher Speed though, probably because Magnezone got heavier.

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