#441 Chatot

Happy Talk-like-a-pirate-day!!

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Chatot, the Music Note Pokémon. It hears words and then mimics them.
– Dawn’s Pokedex

In honour of Talk-like-a-pirate-day, today’s Pokemon is Chatot, based on a pirate’s parrot. In the Pokemon Ranger’s movie, there was a pirate character, and he had a Chatot.

Chatot is kind of a gimmick novelty Pokemon. It doesn’t have any family. The thing that makes it stand out is its signature move, Chatter, which uses the DS’s microphone and the player’s voice to determine the chance for confusion (higher volume means greater chance of confusion). Chatot is the only Pokemon who can learn, and use, Chatter. Even Smeargle’s Sketch cannot sketch Chatter, making Chatter the only true signature move.

Other than Chatter, Chatot is not an otherwise notable Pokemon. Stat-wise, it has alright Sp Attack and Speed, but at 411 base stat total, it’s not really a competitive Pokemon.

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