#563 Cofagrigus

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It has been said that they swallow those who get too close and turn them into mummies. They like to eat gold nuggets.
– Pokemon Black Pokedex

Cofagrigus was one of the Pokemon I thought “wtf were they thinking when the designed it??” when I first saw its design. I mean, look at those creepy grabby-looking arms and that rapeface. And now I find it silly-looking.

I’ve been Nuzlocking Pokemon Black, and I just cleared the game today (without any losses, yay). I have a Cofagrigus (named it Ghosty) which I caught as a Yamask back in Relic Castle on my team, and it had been a huge help. Despite its design looking weird, it’s useful for Nuzlocking, because it’s a good defensive and annoy Pokemon. Mine has Will-o-wisp (which hits pretty often, despite being 75% accurate), Hex (which works well with Will-o-wisp, has 100 power on burnt opponents, so I have it instead of Shadow Ball), Flash, and Protect (used for stalling). Plus, its ability Mummy, is helpful in nullifying physical attackers’ abilities, like Eelektross’s Levitate.

Stat-wise, while slow, it has a LOT of Defense and Sp Defense. Mine could survive a few non-STAB Crunches. After burning the opponent, Cofagrigus becomes an even better defensive wall. Its Sp Attack is decent as well.

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