#560 Scrafty

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Groups of them beat up anything that enter their territory. Each can spit acidic liquid from its mouth.
– Pokemon Black Pokedex

Scrafty’s typing is unique to its family. Its Dark typing makes it immune to Psychic attacks, and the Fighting type negates Dark’s weakness to Bug, leaving it with only weaknesses to Flying and Fighting. It can learn many Rock type moves to counter Flying types though.

In the anime, a wild Scrafty was shown to cause trouble. It’s shown to have its “hood” over its head, the “hood” being the loose skin behind its head. I like how the crown on its head, looks like a mohawk.

Stat-wise, it has good Attack, but its Defenses are actually better than its Attack. It has the highest Defense of non-legendary Dark and Fighting types. It’s Speed and HP are pretty low though. Its ability Moxie, is quite useful as well, it raises Attack every time it faints an opponent by direct contact.

3 thoughts on “#560 Scrafty

  1. I love his punky style.

    I wasn’t really pleased with his low speed either. So I bred one with Drain Punch, his high defense makes it resist to most attacks and you can get the life back with that one.

    Plus they improved the power of Drain Punch to 75. And Moxie makes him a very good main attacker.

    1. Yeah, his high defense makes a nice counter to its low Speed. It can also learn Bulk Up, making it more annoying to kill, haha. I love Drain Punch, had it on my Conkeldurr.

  2. I was wondering if you could try to make a shinny Scrafty as it is the most colorful dark type pokemon. I like the way they turn the iguana look.

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