#499 Pignite

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Pignite, the Fire Pig Pokémon and the evolved form of Tepig. Pignite’s food converts into fuel for the flame that burns in its stomach, and when fuel burns in its stomach, its speed increases.
– Ash’s Pokedex

Pignite is the middle evolution of the Gen V Fire starter. It gains the Fighting subtype (once again), which is useful offensively, but kind of annoying defensively, being weak to Flying and Psychic. Although the neutrality to Rock was nice, since all the fire types I had in the past were weak to Rock. Appearance-wise, I find it looks too round.

I had a Pignite in my Nuzlocking Black game, her name was Poka, now she’s an Emboar. Her Arm Thrust helped a lot in getting through the caves with lots of Boldores (which have Sturdy).

In the anime, Bianca (Bel) has a Pignite; it was introduced as a Pignite, ie we never saw it as a Tepig.

Stat-wise, it’s pretty slow, but has a lot of HP and good Attack.

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