#465 Tangrowth

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Tangrowth, the Vine Pokémon. Tangrowth captures its prey by extending its arms, which are made of vines.
– Dawn’s Pokedex

Tangrowth looks like a mass of bluish green spaghetti (even though it’s supposed to be a mass of vines), an even bigger mass than Tangela. I wonder what it looks like under all that vine-y stuff. Judging by the legs, it’s probably dark grey underneath. It’s rather big, being 6’7″ (2m), taller than most people.

Stat-wise, Tangrowth has pretty high base stats, the highest base stats of all non-legendary Grass types. Unfortunately its stat spread makes it hard to use. While it has excellent Defense, Sp Attack, Attack, and HP, its other two stats suffer, being only at 50 Sp Defense and Speed. Although its ability Chlorophyll doubles its Speed in the Sun. It can get the ability Regenerator from the Dream World, which is useful as well.

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