#637 Volcarona

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When volcanic ash darkened the atmosphere, it is said that Volcarona’s fire provided a replacement for the sun.
– Pokemon Black Pokedex

Volcarona’s type of Bug/Fire is unique to its family. The type combination gives it 3 weakness (Bug neutralizes Fire’s weakness to Ground, Fire neutralizes Bug’s weakness to Fire), though one of them is a double weakness to Rock. Volcarona is the last non-legendary Pokemon in the National Dex. It also takes the longest to go through a single stage of evolution of all Pokémon, evolving at level 59. Its pre-evolution Larvesta learns many moves (mostly physical ones) that Volcarona doesn’t. Larvesta also has more Attack than Volcarona.

I usually don’t like Bug Pokemon, but I like Volcarona. Maybe it’s because of the fire type, or the tiger lily wings, or the awesome stats and moveset, but this giant moth is pretty cool. My Volcarona is named Corona, because it’s the Sun Pokemon (it’s male, if it was female, I would’ve named her Lily). He has Quiver Dance, Psychic, Fiery Dance, and Bug Buzz. He is currently level 100, the second Pokemon I actually leveled to 100. Quiver Dance is one of the few stat-boosting moves that boost 3 stats. After a Quiver Dance boost (or even before), Corona is a great special sweeper.

Volcarona has great Sp Attack, Speed, and Sp Defense, but low Defense. It has the highest base stats of all non-legendary Bug type Pokemon. Despite not being flying type, it can learn many Flying moves, probably due to it having wings, including Fly. It’s rather big (5’03” or 1.6m tall, which is taller than me, haha), but its wings don’t look strong enough to carry a person.

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