#456 Finneon

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Finneon, the Wingfish Pokémon. Because of its twin-tail fins that flutter like wings when swimming, Finneon has been called the ‘Beautifly of the Sea’.
– Ash’s Pokedex

Finneon seems like a filler Pokemon to me. There’s already a lot of fish-based Pokemon, that Finneon doesn’t seem to be anything special.

Its stats are fairly even, with Speed as the greatest stat. Though it can have the ability Swift Swim, which doubles its Speed in rain. Also, the change of Storm Drain’s mechanic in Gen V (it now grants immunity to Water type moves, and raises Sp Attack by one stage, in addition to drawing in all single-target Water moves) makes it slightly more useful.

4 thoughts on “#456 Finneon

  1. Can I use your finneon image on another site as a background? I go on this site pokefarm q
    (https://pokefarm.com) and they have this feature where if you don’t like the site’s default skin, you can create one for your use that have colors/designs that suit you. I am making a custom skin based around finneon and it’s color scheme(because it’s colors calm me and finneon is one of my favorite pokemon), so I went looking for ideas for a background. I came across this and fell in love with it, but I never use someone else’s art without their permission. If you give me permission I’ll be sure to credit you as artist and link to this page so others will know where it came from.

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