#551 Sandile

Happy birthday Dylan!

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Sandile, the Desert Croc Pokémon. A dark membrane protects its eyes from the sun, and it buries itself in the sand with its eyes and nose sticking out.
– Ash’s Pokedex

Sandile’s type of Ground/Dark is unique to its family. I had a Sandile in my team when I first played through White. Her name is Sandy, I caught her on Route 4. She was pretty helpful offensively, though a bit lacking defensively. When I was nuzlocking Black, I also had a Sandile on my team, but it died when I was grinding =( .

In the anime, there’s a group of Sandiles that appeared in several episodes early on. The leader Sandile wears Black Glasses. I thought these Sandiles, or at least the leader, would be a recurring character, like Jigglypuff was. But after the Sandile leader evolved into Krokorok, we never see it again…

Stat-wise, It has a lot of Attack and Speed, but poor Defense, combined with 5 weaknesses that are fairly common.

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