#511 Pansage

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Pansage, the Grass Monkey Pokémon. Pansage offers leaves on its head to Pokémon that have low energy. The leaves relieve stress.
– Ash’s Pokedex

Pansage is one of the three monkeys given to help fight the first gym. An NPC in the Dreamyard will give you a Pansage if you picked the Fire starter. Its head looks like a broccoli XD. Its Black Pokedex entry says eating a leaf on its head relieves weariness. It’s one of the few instances of the Pokedex mentioning eating a Pokemon (or part of a Pokemon).

I was given a Pansage in my nuzlocking Black game, since I picked Tepig as my starter. His name was Oscar, but unfortunately he died in the Pinwheel forest…

In the anime, Dent/Cilan, Ash’s travelling partner, has a Pansage. It knows Bullet Seed, and likes to use it quite often. It doesn’t come out very often, and doesn’t really have much of a personality.

Stat-wise, Pansage is fast, and has equal Attack and Sp Attack. Its defenses are slightly lower, but they’re not bad.

2 thoughts on “#511 Pansage

    1. lol, no they don’t die in the game, they only faint. But I was playing “nuzlocking” style, where if a Pokemon faints, it’s as if it’s dead, and you can’t use it anymore (usually people release their fainted Pokemon, I just put mine in a “never to use” box)

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