#224 Octillery

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Octillery, the Jet Pokémon. Will instinctively sneak into rocky holes. It locks onto opponents with its leg suckers, then rams them with its rock-hard head.
– Ash’s Pokedex

Octillery is based on an octopus, it’s one of the few red Water types. Octillery itself is fine, but I never understood how it evolves from Remoraid, which looks nothing like Octillery; usually evolutions are based on similar things, and look rather similar or have similar elements, but Remoraid and Octillery look like they shouldn’t be related at all. Its mouth looks a bit like Magby’s, haha. Octillery is also bigger than I thought, being almost 1m (3feet) tall.

Stat-wise, it has good Attack and Sp Attack, but is rather slow. Its signature move, Octazooka, introduced in Gen II, is still its signature move as of Gen V, although it can be bred onto Horsea. Octazooka is also the only signature move named after the Pokemon.

3 thoughts on “#224 Octillery

  1. remoraid is based of a remora fish, a fish that sticks to the bottom of sharks with suckers on its head and eats parasites on the shark’s skin, and octillery is based on an octopus, I think they are related by the suction cups on the octopus and the suction cup on the head of the remora fish

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