#498 Tepig

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Tepig, the Fire Pig Pokémon. Normally, fire shoots out of Tepig’s snout, but it shoots out smoke instead when it is feeling ill.
– Ash’s Pokedex

Tepig is the fire starter of Gen V. Its family is oddly the only Fire-type starter family where no members have names that start with “C”. Its Japanese name is “Pokabu”, so I named my (female) Tepig from Black “Poka”. It always looks really happy, and in the Japanese anime, it goes “Poka poka bu bu!”

In the anime, Ash has a Tepig. It was abandoned by its previous trainer, and after Ash gained its trust, became one of Ash’s Pokemon. Out of all of Ash’s Gen V starters, I think his Tepig has the least personality. It’s hardworking and wants to do his best for Ash, but it doesn’t really have any quirks about it like Ash’s Oshawott or his Snivy.

Stat-wise, Tepig has the lowest base stat total of all Fire-type starter Pokémon, though being a starter, its base stat total is still higher than many of the early route Pokemon. It has good Attack and HP, but average everything else. Gen V has added some good physical Fire type moves that Tepig and its family can take advantage of, like Flame Charge and Heat Crash. My Tepig was pretty useful in Black, I like its high HP, useful for nuzlocking.

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