#248 Tyranitar

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Tyranitar, the Armor Pokémon. Tyranitar has a heavily armored body that can withstand powerful attacks and is able to crush a mountain with one hand.
– Ash’s Pokedex

Tyranitar is Gen II’s pseudo-legendary Pokemon. With base stat total of 600, and the highest Attack stat of all Dark type Pokemon, Tyranitar can hit hard. Its type of Rock/Dark is unique; its pre-evolutions have different type combination. I had a Tyranitar in my Platinum game, and sometimes I wish it wasn’t Rock/Dark, because it’s doubly weak to Fighting, and Cynthia’s Lucario killed it extra fast with its Aura Sphere (and due to its heavy weight, goes down to Low Kick quite fast as well), and I wish it would get STAB for Earthquake. But other times, I’m glad it’s not part Ground because of Ground’s common weaknesses with Rock.

Stat-wise, it has great Attack, and pretty good Defenses, though it’s pretty slow. Its ability Sandstream is very useful (or very annoying if you’re facing a Tyranitar), it brings constant Sandstorm, which gives Tyranitar (and other Rock types) a 50% boost to Sp Defense.

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