#111 Rhyhorn

Happy 11.11.11, have a rhyhorn, which is #111 (I could do 111111 in binary, but that’s Abra, which I’ve already done)

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Rhyhorn, the Spike Pokémon. Rhyhorn is known for its physical power and its considerable offensive and defensive skills.
– Ash’s Pokedex

Rhyhorn’s family’s type is Ground/Rock as opposed Rock/Ground. Rhyhorn was the first shiny Pokemon I’ve encountered; it was in FireRed, and I was in the Safari Zone, but I was a n00b then because it was my first Pokemon game, and I didn’t realize it was shiny, so I ran away from it because I already had a Rhyhorn X.x

In the games, Rhyhorn has the exact same cry as Charizard.

Stat-wise, it’s quite uneven, it has good Defense, Attack, and HP, but its Sp Defense, Sp Attack, and Speed are pretty low. Its type of Ground/Rock gives it 7 weaknesses, including double weaknesses to Grass and Water.

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