#643 Reshiram

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Shiny, because it looks cool:

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This Pokémon appears in legends. It sends flames into the air from its tail, burning up everything around it.
– Pokemon Black Pokedex

I got a Reshiram box (Pokemon cards) from my Secret Santa =D It came with a Reshiram promo card and a Reshiram figure, along with 4 booster packs.

Reshiram is the version-exclusive legendary of Pokemon Black, appearing on its cover art, despite being all white and being the “Vast White Pokemon”. Its type of Dragon/Fire is unique, and it’s one of the few Dragon types not weak to Ice, and the only Fire type not weak to Water. Despite it having wings and seen flying in the anime (movie) and promotional animation, it’s not Flying type and can get hit by Ground type attacks.

Appearance-wise, Reshiram looks more elegant and lady-like than its counterpart Zekrom. I like its wavy design, though I’m not sure if I like the tuft of er.. fur, on its crotch XD It always looks like it’s holding its arms up, because its claws are on its wings.

In the games, Reshiram is required to be caught in Black for the plot, and it was a lot easier to catch than other legendaries, took me only one Ultra Ball to catch.

Stat-wise, Reshiram has very high Sp Attack, the highest of Fire types, tied with Ho-oh. Being a legendary, it has high stats in general, though its Speed is comparatively slow.

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