#576 Gothitelle

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Gothitelle, the Astral Body Pokémon. Gothitelle’s Psychic power is so great that it is said to warp space around it, and distort reality in the process.
– Ash’s Pokedex

Gothitelle is a human-shaped Pokemon, that’s based on a the gothic lolita fasion. Desite it wearing a “dress” and looking very feminine, it can be 25% male… cross-dressers perhaps? Gothitelle is Black-exclusive, the counterpart to Reuniclus.

I like the sound of its Japanese name, ゴチルゼル (gochiruzeru), especially in the Japanese Pokerap.

Stat-wise, it has excellent Sp Defense, good Sp Attack and Defense, but not great Speed. Despite being Psychic type, it learns many Dark type moves by level-up. Its ability is Frisk, which isn’t all that great in battle, though it can get Shadow Tag from the Dreamworld.

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