#398 Staraptor

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Staraptor, the Predator Pokémon, and the evolved form of Staravia. Staraptor’s ferocious nature means that it has no problem challenging much larger opponents.
– Ash’s Pokedex

Staraptor has gone from the silly-looking Staravia to a mean-looking bird with a mohawk.. thing. It’s the final evolution of the token Normal/Flying type that’s been in every Gen. And of course, Ash had one in the anime. It’s quite big for a bird.

Of all the token Normal/Flying types though, Staraptor is probably the most useful competitively. Despite its base stat total being only 475, its stat spread is pretty useful. It’s pretty fast, and has great Attack. It can learn good STAB moves like Brave Bird and Double-Edge, as well as good coverage moves like Close Combat (which covers Steel and Rock that resist Flying and Normal moves) and U-turn (for scouting).

Its ability Intimidate is pretty useful, although its Dreamworld ability Reckless is also useful, because it powers up Brave Bird and Double-Edge. Its defenses are paper-thin though, and combined with the recoil damage and negative effects of Close Combat, Staraptor’s role is to deal out as much damage as it can before it goes down.

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