#58 Growlithe

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Growlithe, the Puppy Pokémon. While loyal to its master, the Growlithe will drive away enemies by barking and biting.
– Ash’s Pokedex

When I first saw Growlithe, I thought it was based on a tiger, due to its colouring, especially the stripes. But being the Puppy Pokemon, it’s based on a dog than a cat, though with some feline traits. I like how it sort of has a mohawk. It’s the counterpart to Vulpix. Growlithe is exclusive to Red, Gold, FireRed and HeartGold, whild Vulpix is exclusive to Green/Blue, Silver, LeafGreen, and SoulSilver. Growlithe is 75% male while Vulpix is 75% female.

In the anime, Growlithe is often used as police dogs by Officer Jenny. James also used to have a Growlithe when he was younger.

Stat-wise, it has good attacking stats, but lacks defense. Despite being named Growlithe, it cannot learn the move Growl. It can have the ability Flash Fire or Intimidate, which both have their advantages. It gets Justified from the Dreamworld, which could be useful for switching in on Dark moves, though it doesn’t grant immunity to the Dark type attack.

4 thoughts on “#58 Growlithe

  1. Hey, I would like to give my Girlfriend a Growlithe Cup, because she loves Growlithe.

    Will it be possible for you to design a Cup with this Growlithe design on Redbubble?
    Furthermore I would appreciate if you could also do a similar cup with growlithes Shiny version. (so I would have one for her and one for me)

    I really like your Wallpapers 🙂

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