#310 Manectric

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Manectric, the Discharge Pokémon. Manectric has the ability to gather local electrical energy in its mane, and then discharge it, creating thunder clouds.
– Ash’s Pokedex

Manectric looks like a blue lion/wolf thing. My opinion of it depends on the game generation. In Emerald, I had a Manectric on my team. It was the most useful Electric Pokemon available in that game (I needed an electric type for Water and Flying coverage, because I chose Mudkip starter). And it was pretty useful in that game. It was fast and can hit pretty hard even with Spark.

I liked it in Emerald because in Gen III, whether a move is special or not depended on its type, not the move. So moves like Spark and Bite, which Manectric learned, were both special. It has much higher Sp Attack than Attack, so it benefitted from Spark and Bite. However, in Gen IV, Spark and Bite became physical moves, and Manectric wasn’t as useful anymore. It does learn special Electric moves by level-up like Discharge, but it lacked type coverage; it only learns Electric special moves by level-up. With TMs and egg moves, the only special attacks that Manectric can learn are Electric, Fire, Normal (Hyper Beam), or Bug (Signal Beam by tutor), not counting Hidden Power. And there are plenty of other electric types that outclass it.

However, with Gen V and its change to how the Lightningrod ability works, Manectric becomes more useful again. I have a Manectric on my doubles Battle Subway team. It’s a rain-based team, so Manectric’s Lightningrod becomes really useful, because it protects Manectric’s partner (I’ve been using Swanna or Gyarados as its partner), including Thunderwave, from single-target Electric moves (including Thunderwave), and it gives Electric immunity to Manectric, as well has raise its Sp Attack by one stage. It’s great fun to see the opponent try to Thunderwave Gyarados or try to attack it with a 4x super-effective Electric attack, only for it to go to Manectric and help raise its Sp Attack. Plus, Manectric has Thunder, which works great in Rain. I’ve also had Manectric hold the new Gen V battle item, the Air Balloon to give it temporary Ground immunity, so Gyarados can usually use Earthquake without hitting Manectric.

Manectric is pretty fast, and has good Sp Attack, which can potentially get raised by Lightningrod, however, its defenses are paper thin, making it quite a glass cannon. Though sometimes the AI gets caught up trying to defeat Gyarados with Electric Attacks, that Manectric can get quite a few turns of not getting hit, haha.

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