#437 Bronzong

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Bronzong, the Bronze Bell Pokémon. One slept for over 2,000 years, until it was accidentally awakened at a construction site.
– Ash’s Pokedex

Bronzong has a very good defensive typing. Its Steel/Psychic typing gives it only 2 weaknesses to Ground and Fire. It can either have the ability Levitate, or Heatproof, and both abilities give Bronzong immunity to one of its weaknesses, leaving it with only one weakness. As a Steel type, it has a lot of resistances as well.

Despite Bronzong being based on an inanimate object, it clearly has a face on it.

Stat-wise, it has excellent Defense and Sp Defense, combined with its typing, makes it a great wall. Plus, it’s able to learn many support moves like Stealth Rock, Light Screen and Reflect. Its Speed is really really slow, so it works well with Gyro Ball, or as a Trick Room attacker.

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