#463 Lickilicky

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Lickilicky, the Licking Pokémon. Lickilicky can wrap its enormous tongue around anything. Getting too close to this Pokémon will result in a saliva shower.
– Dawn’s Pokedex

Lickilicky evolves from Lickitung by learning Rollout from Gen IV onwards. It gives Lickitung, which had no evolutionary relatives up to Gen III, an evolutionary relative. It looks fatter than Lickitung, and has a cow-lick-like thing on top of its head. I’ve never noticed the weird claw thing on Lickilicky’s hands. It looks a bit derpy, with its tongue always sticking out.

In the anime, in the 10th movie, one of the trainers got turned into a Lickilicky.

Stat-wise, Lickilicky is pretty bulky, with good HP, and good Defenses. It’s on the slow side though, making it pretty good wall. Plus, its ability Own Tempo prevents confusion, but its Dreamworld ability Cloud Nine gives it immunity to weather effects. I fought a Lickilicky once with my Hail team, and it was annoying since it made the Hail go away temporarily. Lickilicky is pretty versatile, being able to learn many moves of different types. It (and Lickitung) is the only non-Grass Pokemon to learn Power Whip, probably due to its tongue, being able to act like a whip (a pretty gross one if you ask me). Lickilicky is the only Normal Pokemon (other than Smeargle) to learn Explosion, therefore the only Pokemon that gets STAB for it.

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