#30 Nidorina

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Nidorina, the Poison Pin Pokémon. The evolved form of the female Nidoran. It emits supersonic waves from its mouth to confuse its enemies.
– Ash’s Pokedex

Nidorina is the female counterpart to Nidorino, so it’s 100% female. Though I’ve always found it strange how Nidorino is pink/purple while Nidorina is blue, seems it should be reverse, with pink = girl and blue = boy we usually see. Nidorina’s shiny sprite is pink/purple though.

For some reason, despite being not legendary, Nidorina cannot breed (it’s in the “undiscovered” egg group). It can’t even breed with Ditto, even though un-gendered Pokemon can breed with at least Ditto. Nidoqueen cannot breed either, but its pre-evolution Nidoran♀ can breed.

Its stat spread is rather even, with Defense and HP being higher than its other stats.

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