#201 Unown

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1920×1200 | 1920×1080 | 1600×1200


Unown, the Symbol Pokémon. Unown are said to have existed since ancient times. There are many in form and shape but little is known about this mysterious Pokémon.
– Ash’s Pokedex

Unown is a gimmick Pokemon. It’s the Pokemon with the most forms (28), all of which are distinct (ie not just a colour change like Arceus for example). The forms look like the Latin alphabet, plus ! and ? . I didn’t want to make 28 different versions of Unown, so I just made one using the common part of Unown (though the ! and ? forms’ eyes are slightly different), and a bonus wallpaper.

Unown is one of the few non-legendary non-baby Pokemon that cannot breed (not even with Ditto). Unown is unique also because it can only legitimately learn the move Hidden Power (the only Pokemon that can learn Hidden Power by level-up in Gen II). Ditto and Smeargle also can only learn one move, but Smeargle can use Sketch to learn other moves, and Ditto’s Transform gives it temporary movesets. So Unown isn’t all that useful competitively; it’s just there for collecting I guess. I tried to collection all the forms of Unown once, but gave up because it was too tedious.

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