#501 Oshawott

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Oshawott, the Sea Otter Pokémon. Oshawott attacks and defends using the scalchop that can be removed from its stomach.
– Ash’s Pokedex

I admit, when I first saw Oshawott’s design, I hated it. It had a ^ shaped mouth, and its face reminded me of a clown, like Mime Jr. Its mouth makes it look sad, so its face looked like a sad Mime Jr. to me.

But after I got the game, and started watching anime, I started liking Oshawott more. It has a sort of toothy smile that made it much cuter (I wish the official art and sprite would have it smiling instead). In the anime, Ash has an Oshawott. It stowed away with Ash when he left the lab, and Professor Juniper let him keep it. It has a lot of personality; it’s stubborn, prideful, and kind of silly. It reminds me a bit of Dawn’s Piplup, with Misty’s Psyduck’s habit of coming out of its Pokemon on its own.

Because it’s based on a mammal (otter), it’s not in the Water egg groups, but the Field egg group. It’s the only Water starter to be based on a mammal.

Its highest stats are in Sp Attack (the highest of all Water starters), with Attack and HP second-highest. Though its base stat total is the lowest of all Water starters.

5 thoughts on “#501 Oshawott

  1. omg thank you so much i love this pokemon has to be the best ever, oshawott is the pokemon i start with all the time even when i start over and try to pick snivy or tepig i keep choosing oshawott so thanks for the best one yet 🙂

  2. Oshawott is the third cutest pokemon( along with Cyndaquil and Budew)
    I really love Oshawott’s evoled form,Dewott. Just sweet and knows scalchop attacks.

  3. I started my Pokemon Black game and I started with Oshawott, a female one. You might think its toothy but just sweetly cute. I named my Oshawott, Peanut. Shes a Dewott already and she knows
    Water Gun
    Razor Shell
    Focus Energy.

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