#298 Azurill

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Its tail, which is packed with nutrition, is very bouncy like a rubber ball. On sunny days they gather at the edge of water and splash about for fun.
– Pokemon Emerald Pokedex

Azurill is one of the 2 baby Pokemon introduced in Gen III (The other being Wynaut). For some reason, Azurill is Normal type, not Water type like its evolutions (that always trips me up, because its name and appearance looks so similar to its evolutions). Also for some reason, its male-female ratio is different from Marill and Azumarill’s. Azurill is 75% female, while Marill/Azumarill have 50% female probability, which means that some female Azurills will become male upon evolution (depending on its IV). Evolution sex change!

It’s kind of weird that Azurill has no arms. I guess its design is all about the tail, since it’s as big as its body.

Stat-wise, it’s the Pokemon with the second-lowest base stat total (the lowest is Sunkern). Though one of its possible abilities, Huge Power, doubles its Attack; though at base 20 Attack, doubling it doesn’t do much.

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