#473 Mamoswine

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Mamoswine, the Twin Tusk Pokémon and the evolved form of Piloswine. Distinguished by its large tusks, its weight is more than five times that of Piloswine, and is less commonly found since the end of the ice age.
– Dawn’s Pokedex

Mamoswine is awesome. It’s an evolution added in Gen IV to previous gen’s Piloswine. Its type of Ice/Ground is unique to its family. It’s not the best combination, with 5 weaknesses (including to Fire, Water, and Grass), and only 1 immunity and 1 resistance (to Poison, which is not an often used offensive type). But its typing means that Mamoswine’s family are the only Pokemon who are immune to the buffeting effects of both Hail and Sandstorm without the aide of an ability.

Mamoswine looks like a mammoth with a pig face. Funny story: once, a friend was trying to draw a mammoth, he ended up forgetting to draw the trunk. When I asked him how he managed to forget the trunk, he said it was because he was thinking of Mamoswine, haha.

I have a Mamoswine on my gym leader (Candice) ice team. She’s pretty awesome; her Earthquake counters Fire types nicely. Mamoswine has the highest Attack of all Ice type Pokemon (tied with Kyurem), at 130 base Attack, it can do a lot of damage. It can also act as a sort of physical tank, with 110 base HP and and 80 Defense, my Mamoswine had been a champ at surviving hits. Its base Speed is only 80, which is slower than many Fire types. But mine was Jolly natured and EV’ed for Speed, which made her able to outspeed quite a lot of Pokemon. I also used her for Hail support, as a backup, because I have Abomasnow on my team, and it had come in handy a few times when my opponent changed the weather on me. Mamoswine works well on a Hail team, because it can have the ability Snow Cloak, which raises evasion by 20% in Hail, and it has saved me from close situations before (like evading a Fire Blast). Its Dreamworld ability Thick Fat an be useful though, because it makes Fire hit neutrally and resist Ice.

Unfortunately, Ice lacks a high-powered Physical move. Mamoswine may have the bulk to survive and hit with Avalanche, but the decreased priority kind of wastes its decent Speed. Ice Fang is only base power 65, though with Mamoswine’s power, it might be enough. Gen V added Icicle Crash, which is base 85 power and a chance to cause flinch, though it’s only 90% accuracy. Icicle Spear could be good, but without Cloyster’s Skill Link, it’s risky to use.

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