#322 Numel

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Numel, the Numb Pokémon. Numel is so complacent that it does not even notice when it is stuck. This Pokémon’s body is filled with hot magma, which, when cooled in water, rather slows its movement. Numel is also unable to bear hunger.
– Ash’s Pokedex

With its droopy eyelids, Numel looks rather tired, or just without a care in the world. Its FRLG Pokedex entry says “Magma of almost 2,200 degrees Fahrenheit courses through its body. When it grows cold, the magma hardens and slows it.” Once again, the Pokedex exaggerates. Or maybe Numel is just really really well-insulated, that it doesn’t burn its trainer upon contact, nor does it burn the area around it, haha. Its Pokedex entries also usually say when its magma cools, it hardens and slows its movement. I’d imagine that would hurt! If Numel’s blood really is magma, then when it cools, its veins would be blocked, ouch.

Numel’s typing of Fire/Ground is unique to its family. While it’s immune to Electric and only has 2 weaknesses, it’s doubly weak to Water. Fire/Ground is a lot better than Fire/Rock at least. I suppose Numel (or Camerupt) would work well on a Sun team, where Water’s effectiveness is decreased.

Stat-wise, Numel has decent Attack and Sp Attack, but poor Defenses, and as expected, it’s pretty slow as well. It can have 2 abilities normally, and 1 Dreamworld ability. But when Numel evolves into Camerupt, all 3 of those abilities change. Numel is the only Pokemon who changes all 3 of its possible abilities upon evolution.

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