#193 Yanma

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Yanma, the Clear Wing Pokémon. Its eyes can see a full 360 degrees around without moving its head.
– Dawn’s Pokedex

Yanma was a single Pokemon in Gen II, but got an evolution in Gen IV in Yanmega. It’s based on a dragonfly, which is one of the few bugs I don’t hate, so I guess Yanma is sort of cute, sort of. Looking closely at Yanma’s face, it’s mouth makes it look kinda derpy.

Despite being a small dragonfly, its Pokedex entries say it can flap its wings fast enough to generate shockwaves that can break through glass (which is seen in the anime), yet another exaggeration by the Pokedex. Yanma is the only Gen II Pokemon to learn SonicBoom.

In the anime, Jessie had a Yanma, which evolved into a Yanmega soon after. Jessie captured the Yanma that another trainer was about to catch, and sent it to Giovanni as a gift, but it was returned to her because they had a lot of Yanma already.

Stat-wise, it’s quite fast, faster than a lot of fully evolved Pokemon (and one of its abilities is Speed Boost, which makes it even faster), and has decent Attack and Sp Attack, but paper thin defenses. Its typing is pretty bad too, so it’s meant to be used as a glass cannon.

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