#234 Stantler

Merry Christmas!!

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And because the shiny version are in Christmas colours, here’s Rudolph the Red-Nosed Stantler:

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Stantler, the Big Horn Pokémon. The eye like shape at the base of its horn produce a pleasant odor and has a bewildering effect on anyone who smells it. It can also create startling realistic illusions by shaking its horns. Stantler form herds, and live in mountainous terrain.
– Ash’s Pokedex

Stantler is based on a reindeer. Its face looks a little bulgy, kinda like it’s holding in a breath of air or something. Those things on its horns apparently hypnotize people and show them illusions. Even though Stantler can get Intimidate as an ability, I find it more silly-looking than intimidating, haha. It still doesn’t have any evolutionary relatives.

Stat-wise, Stantler has good Attack, Speed, and Sp Attack, but not as good Defenses. Though it only has one weakness to Fighting. In the Dreamworld, it gets Sap Sipper, which makes it immune to Grass type attacks, and raises Attack if hit by one. It’s probably a better ability for Stantler than Intimidate or Frisk.

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