#479 Rotom (Wash)

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Its electric-like body can enter some kinds of machines and take control in order to make mischief.
– Pokemon Platinum Pokedex

Today is Boxing Day in Canada, so I did Wash Rotom because it’s pretty box-shaped (I already made Hitmonchan).

Wash Rotom is a washing machine possessed by Rotom. I like the mischievous grin on its face. It used to be Electric/Ghost in Gen IV, but changed to Electric/Water in Gen V. Electric/Water is a pretty good combination. The only other Pokemon that have it are Chinchou and Lanturn (and I love Lanturn, especially Volt Absorb Lanturn). Also due to Rotom’s ability of Levitate, Wash Rotom has the fewest weaknesses of all the Rotoms, with only one weakness to Grass.

Stat-wise, it has pretty good Defense and Sp Defense. Along with its single weakness, and ability to learn Light Screen and Reflect, Wash Rotom can be a pretty good wall. Its Sp Attack is pretty good too. Its Speed isn’t bad, and can outspeed a lot of Pokemon with the right Nature and EVs. Wash Rotom’s special form change move is Hydro Pump, which I think is better than Heat and Mow Rotom’s Overheat and Leaf Storm, because while it has less power, Rotom’s Sp Attack doesn’t get lowered. Hydro Pump has higher accuracy than Frost Rotom’s form change move, Blizzard. So unless Frost Rotom is used on a Hail team, I think Wash Rotom gets the best deal out of its special form change move.

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