#65 Alakazam

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Alakazam, the Psi Pokémon, and the evolved form of Kadabra. With the brain like a super computer, it possesses many different supernatural powers.
– Dawn’s Pokedex

I’ve received many requests for Alakazam, so I decided to finally make its wallpaper.

Alakazam is one of the Gen I Pokemon that was evolved by trading. It can be seen as a counterpart to Machamp; both evolve by trading, and are the last in a 3-evolution family; Machamp has high Attack while Alakazam has high Sp Attack; and both have 75% chance of being male.

Alakazam is based on a magician, those two spoons it holds seem to be part of its body, though there is a held item Twisted Spoon that boosts Psychic attacks. Unlike other held items seen on Pokemon (like Farfetch’d’s stick or Cubone/Marowak’s Thick Club), Twisted Spoon isn’t just for Alakazam. It makes me wonder if that held item was made from those spoons that Alakazam is holding (like someone took them away by force…).

Kadabra had one spoon, and when it evolves into Alakazam, it gets another one. In Gen V, Vanillite’s family is based on ice cream cones, and I’ve seen pictures (and gifs) of Alakazam using its spoons to eat the ice cream, haha.

Even though it doesn’t have a visible tail, it’s able to learn Iron Tail (in Gen III and IV) somehow. Maybe it can make a tail with its psychic powers or something? It’s not as weird as Wooper being able to learn Ice Punch without having arms though XD

Stat-wise, Alakazam is the classic glass cannon. It has awesome Sp Attack and Speed, making it a very good special sweeper. While it only learn Psychic and Normal moves by level-up, it can learn some TM moves of other types, such as Shadow Ball and Focus Blast, which, together with Psychic, gives Alakazam good type coverage. But its Defense is paper thin, making it unable to withstand many physical attacks it doesn’t resist. Its Sp Defense is alright, and with Calm Mind, it can be boosted, but its HP is also rather low.

However, in the Dreamworld, Alakazam gets Magic Guard, which is a great ability for Alakazam, as it protects it from any indirect damage such as entry hazards, weather effects, Leech Seed, Life Orb’s HP-sapping effect, and Toxic or Burn damage (since its Attack is low anyway, the halving-Attack effect of a Burn doesn’t really matter). This works well with giving Alakazam a Focus Sash. I used one once, and it took out like 2 or 3 Pokemon while at 1 HP (from Focus Sash), while it was burnt and there was Sandstorm. It was awesome =D Since Alakazam is fast, a good counter for it would be a priority physical attack.

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