#534 Conkeldurr

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They use concrete pillars as walking canes. They know moves that enable them to swing the pillars freely in battle.
– Pokemon White Pokedex

Conkeldurr (and its family) is the Gen V version of Machamp (and its family). Both are 3-stage evolution pure Fighting types; both Conkeldurr and Machamp were evolved by trading, and both have 75%-25% male-female ratio; and both can be female, even though the Pokemon looks very male by human standards.

Conkeldurr looks like an old man. Its English and Japanese name both alude to it (“elder” in Conkeldurr, and “ro” = old man in Roubushin). Yet it can be female 25% of the time. It has very small legs and feet, and looks to be leaning on those concrete blocks like a crutch. Yet its Pokedex entry says they can swing the pillers in battle, which makes me wonder how their tiny legs can support such weight XD

Despite looking frail and kinda ugly imo, competitively, Conkeldurr is a beast. It has the highest Attack of all Fighting types, with 140 base Attack. Its Defense and HP are pretty good as well. The downside is that it’s pretty slow, but it’s bulky enough to take a hit before hitting back. Plus, Conkeldurr can learn Mach Punch, a priority move, to counter its slow Speed. Even though Mach Punch is only base 40 power, with Conkeldurr’s Attack stat and STAB, it can hit pretty hard. Conkeldurr can also make good use of Bulk Up, to raise its already high Attack and good Defense, making it a good defensive hitter. Drain Punch can also be helpful in stalling. Another option for Conkeldurr is to use it on a Trick Room team. Another thing that makes Conkeldurr useful in competitive battle is its ability Guts, which means it’s not afraid of being burnt (instead of having Attack being cut in half, it’s raised by 50%) or poisoned. Paralysis could be a problem, but Conkeldurr is already slow, so having its Speed cut in half isn’t a big deal for the trade-off of having Attack increased.

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