#644 Zekrom

Happy last day of 2011!

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This Pokémon appears in legends. In its tail, it has a giant generator that creates electricity.
– Pokemon White Pokedex

Zekrom is the mascot of Pokemon White, appearing on its cover, and being exclusive to White. I played White, so I was given a chance to catch Zekrom. It was one of the easiest legendary catches I’ve ever made, only took one Ultra Ball! I guess because they made catching Zekrom/Reshiram part of the plot, they made the catch rate much higher. Instead of the 3-5 catch rates of most legendaries, Zekrom’s catch rate is 45.

Appearance-wise, Zekrom looks more masculine than its counterpart Reshiram. While making the wallpaper, I noticed Zekrom’s nice er, abs and chest XD. Despite having wing-like things and seen to be flying in the movie, it’s not flying type. I guess those wings are more decorative than useful, since they look way too small and thin to support Zekrom’s weight. Zekrom’s tail is supposed to be an electric generator. But after seeing an image comparing it to a Slowbro, I cannot unsee its tail as a Shellder biting it XD

Zekrom’s Dragon/Electric type is unique. Unfortunately Electric doesn’t add many benefit to the Dragon type; it only adds one weakness and two resistances, one of which Dragon is already resistant to.

In the anime, Zekrom stars in one of the movies, which I haven’t seen yet, so I can’t comment on it. But in the first episode of the Best Wishes anime series, Zekrom appears briefly (I don’t remember if you actually see it or not, but it’s confirmed to be Zekrom) to cause some havoc and making Ash’s Pikachu suck again despite the fact that Pikachu should’ve been level 100 already.

Stat-wise, it has massive Attack, the highest of all Electric types, and the highest of all Gen V Pokemon. It’s a bit slow compared to other legendaries though, but its Defenses are good enough for it to take a hit.

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