#137 Porygon

Happy 2012!

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A Pokémon that consists entirely of programming code. Capable of moving freely in cyberspace.
– Pokemon Red Pokedex

Porygon is an oddity of a Pokemon. It can evolve twice as of gen IV, but it’s three forms are spread across three generations. In the first generation, Porygon stood alone, and alone it is not very good. Its strongest stat is special attack, but at 85 points it’s still not fantastic. Except for speed, none of its stats are poor, but Porygon fails to excel at anything.

Physically, Porygon resembles an origami crane, poorly rendered with polygons. As it evolves, its polygons smooth out. The man-made appearance is reflected by the fact that it is canonically a man-made Pokemon, despite the fact that it can hatch from an egg like most other Pokemon.

While it appears that Porygon has a physical form, it is said to exist entirely of programming code. In the Pokemon Adventures manga, a Porygon is seen passing through cyberspace from one Pokedex to another. Although all Pokemon can be stored inside PCs and traded through link cables and across the Internet, so this calls into question whether all Pokemon are digital.

Porygon is famous in the anime for being the star of the seizure-inducing episode that sent nearly 700 Japanese children to hospital. Porygon and its evolutions have since never been featured in an episode, despite the fact that Pikachu’s Thunderbolt caused the seizure-inducing light, not Porygon! Because of that incident and the resulting hiatus, a planned New Year-themed episode of Pokemon was cancelled. And hence, the connection to the holiday! Can you think of something more suited? I couldn’t, hence Porygon.

(summary written by Dylan )

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