#568 Trubbish

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Trubbish, the Trashbag Pokémon. Trubbish prefer to live in dirty places like garbage dumps. It is said they were born when a chemical reaction occurred between an abandoned trashbag and industrial waste.
– Ash’s Pokedex

Trubbish is one of the Gen V Pokemon that makes me think “what are they thinking when designing this” and “wow, they really ran out of ideas”… Though Trubbish isn’t as bad as its evolution. If you ignore the fact that it’s a garbage bag, its face is kinda derpy and sorta kinda cute, sorta.

In the anime, Trubbish appeared rather early. A group of kids found a Trubbish and wanted to keep it at the daycare, but the daycare lady didn’t want to keep it ’cause it was smelly. So the kids made a fort.

Stat-wise, Trubbish has better defense than attack, and ok Speed.

1 thought on “#568 Trubbish

  1. Para ser sincero los de la primera generación han sido los mejor diseñados, a mi parecer fueron muy detallados no se les escapó nada, mientras que en la quinta generación , todos fueron hechos como muy sencillos y simples, nose es mi modo de pensar, y gracias por la descripción de cada pokemon 🙂

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