#405 Luxray

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Luxray, the Gleam Eyes Pokémon. Its eyes can see through anything. It can even spot its prey hiding in the shadows.
– Dawn’s Pokedex

Luxray is one of my favourite Pokemon. It has a very unique cry in the game. Looking at it closely, it looks like it’s wearing a shirt on its front half. I like its huge mane of hair.

I had a Luxray in Platinum. I bred one with Ice Fang, to counter its weakness to Ground. Luxray is a bit of an oddity when it comes to Electric types, stat-wise, because it has more Attack than Sp Attack, but is rather slow compared to other Electric types. But unlike most Electric types though, it can learn a variety of types of moves. Mine had Ice Fang, Spark (I kept it instead of Thunder Fang for its higher chance to paralyze), Crunch, and… I don’t remember the last move. Intimidate was helpful since its defenses are poor.

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