#46 Paras

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Paras, the Mushroom Pokémon. Rare mushrooms grow on its back.
– Ash’s Pokedex

Paras is the original Mushroom Pokemon, with parasitic mushrooms growing out of its back. Despite being Bug type, I hadn’t found Paras gross or creepy-looking. It’s sort of cute, with a kinda derpy expression. I’ve thought it looked a bit like a crab. But making this wallpaper, and having to stare at its bug-like mouth that you usually don’t see in much detail from the sprites, Paras started to creep me out, with its buggy eyes and the things around its mouth…

Paras and its evolution have one of the worst type combinations, Bug/Grass, which has 6 weaknesses, including 2 double weaknesses to Flying and Fire. I’ve picked the Fire starters in Kanto and Johto, so Paras are no problem, burns really fast, haha. And one of its abilities Dry Skin makes it even more vulnerable to Fire. Perhaps ironically, Paras’s colours are firey colours.

Stat-wise, it has decent Attack, and okay Defenses, but slow Speed. It does learn many useful status moves like Spore, Stun Spore and PoisonPowder. But unless you use it on a Rain team or something, its typing suffers too many common weaknesses to be really useful.

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