#75 Graveler

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Often seen rolling down mountain trails. Obstacles are just things to roll straight over, not avoid.
– Pokemon Yellow Pokedex

I’ve never looked closely at Graveler’s appearance before, but looking at it closely, I cannot unsee how its inner hands look like they’re holding a game controller, or a portable gaming device XD Its outer arms meanwhile, stretch out in a grabbing motion.

And because I couldn’t unsee it, I made some edits. First was a Game Cube controller

And then a Gameboy

It looks like it’s having fun XD

Graveler’s is the evolved form of Geodude. It’s often found in caves, Magnitute-ing and Self-Destructing/Exploding. Graveler, like the rest of its family, is based on Rocks; if Rocks gained sentience or something like that. Still, its Sapphire Pokedex entry says “Rocks are Graveler’s favorite food”, does that mean Gravelers eat their brethren? Or are rocks that haven’t gained sentience not considered their brethren? What if it ate a Geodude by mistake? I remember in HeartGold, you can Rock Smash rocks, and you may run into Geodudes that way. What also doesn’t make sense is that Graveler has genders (while Pokemon like Magnemite don’t). I suppose when Graveler was first introduced in Gen I, there was no genders, but still why were genders given to it retroactively?

Stat-wise, it has high Defense, though its typing of Rock/Ground suck defensively. It has decent Attack, but low speed, just like you’d expect from a Rock I guess.

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