#539 Sawk

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Sawk, the Karate Pokémon. Sawk ties its belt to get pumped up and give its punches an extra bit of power. Disturbing its training angers a Sawk.
– Ash’s Pokedex

Sawk’s name sounds exactly like “sock” (being a pun on it, not the noun, but the verb meaning to punch). It’s one of the many Fighting types of Gen V. While it has no evolutionary relatives, it has a counterpart Pokemon in Throh (much like Hitmonlee and Hitmonchan). Sawk looks tall and thin while Throh is more short and fat. Sawk is a male only species, only able to breed with Ditto, thus it cannot learn any egg moves.

Sawk is based on karate master, so it learns many chopping and kicking moves. Stat-wise, it has good Attack, decent Speed and decent Defenses. Plus, one of its abilities is Sturdy, which got a revamp in Gen V making it better. Before, Sturdy only prevented OHKO moves, but now Sturdy acts like a Focus Sash, if the Pokemon has full HP, any move that would OHKO it leaves it with 1 HP. Marshall of the Unova Elite 4 has a Sawk, and it’s really annoying, because I usually fight him with a Flying type like Togekiss or Archeops. I’m usually faster, and hit Sawk with a super effective Flying move, but his Sawk’s Sturdy would then take effect, and he’d use Stone Edge to hit my Flying type. Togekiss usually has enough bulk to survive, but Archeops with its Defeatist ability does not like being hit by a Rock move. I’d have to break its full HP instead of going for the OHKO, and it’s even more annoying when Marshall uses a Full Restore to heal his Sawk.

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